Making Weight loss And Bodybuilding Easy

We started with a simple idea...

That one day everyone should be able to achieve their best body composition without the problem or lack of knowledge of getting there. Ever since, we have been working and testing powerful strategies and techniques on different individuals based on phenotypes, body fat percentage, height, weight, gender and across multiple races to obtain and analyse the most powerful strategies one can use to obtain their ultimate goal. All these data and other research data’s have been fed to our own artificial intelligence called ‘Stratofit’. We hope to go further within a few years to use one’s own blood to help optimise and design the perfect strategy highly specific to that individual. This is our ultimate goal but we have begun the journey with our current iteration which is still powerful enough to analyse and compose to anyone no matter what your goal is, powerful routes in achieving your ultimate goal when you have failed in the past…. Over time our technology should overwrite strategies within our current iteration should it intelligently think so, using various data available to itto prescribe another more powerful strategy(ies) which best fit a particular phenotype and body measurements, . We believe this is possible and we have begun our quest with our first design. As our user base grows, the intelligence behind this platform will begin to mature and gradually begin to machine learn and perfect itself over time.

We believe losing weight and building great muscle is strictly based on strategy and somewhere along the way, they got complicated. We’re working hard to make losing body fat and building great lean muscle easy for everyone.


Bernard Dark

Co-founder and CEO
Bernard graduated from DE Montfort University in Leicester, where he studied biomedical science. Following his degree he went on to do his masters in Dietitian and obesity. He enjoys flying in his spare time and holds a CPL. As a scientist, Bernard always suggested that the best way for anyone to reach their best body composition was through experimental testing. Hence the beginning of tiddall. He had an epiphany and never looked back. You are sure to find Bernard singing in the shower most of the time.

Jana Horelicova

Lead customer success & Co-founder
The wonderful Jana studied Human Biology at Charles University in Prague, Czech republic.. Jana was one of the founding members of Tiddall and she truly believe in our mission in making weight loss and muscle building easy for everyone. Apart from health and fitness one of jana’s aims and mission is to help feed and help shelter as many homeless people as she can. You will see her volunteering for all sort of goodwill ventures around London and Prague.

Prachi Aggarwal

Software Engineer
Prachi graduated from IGNOU in Computer Applications and continued with Masters in Computer Science. She enjoys traveling in her spare time and loves to explore adventurous places. As a computer engineer who is not much of a fitness freak, she developed Tiddall with the modern busy users of the Tiddall app in mind, making sure all Tiddall users get a fast and seamless interactive user experience.

Aanchal Kansal

App Designer
Other than being Tiddall’s fabulous app designer and taking care of our app’s beautiful UI designs, Aanchal is also a fitness fanatic with a passion for travelling around the globe. After her graduation from Inmantec College in Computer App Design, she moved on to complete her Masters in Business Administration from IMT University and a Graphic Web Design Diploma from Arena Animation. Her personal expedition into the fitness world soon transformed into a passion and compelled her to join forces with Tiddall to make fitness uncomplicated and easily accessible to more people.

Yogesh Sharma

Project Manager
With more than 14 years experience of working on web and mobile applications for both corporate and government sectors, Yogesh feels himself lucky enough to have worked across a wide variety of domains. He proudly boasts of his in-depth knowledge in telecom, healthcare, and defense industries to whoever lends an ear. His projects during his Masters in Computer Application and previous projects on Artificial Intelligence using machine learning helped Tiddall develop an intelligent system using AI that helps our users choose and get the best of the various workouts & plan their meals as per their unique body compositions and lifestyle choices.

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