Get to your best body with the best strategies

Know when and what to eat and train for the ultimate body composition.

What is Tiddall

Tiddall is an artificial intelligence platform that has one design purpose and task, and that is to implement and optimise the most powerful meal plan and training strategies for optimum results. Unlike traditional platforms, tiddall is alive, it is a thinking machine with intellect and thought scenarios of how best to implement and optimise the perfect meal plans and training strategies at the right time for you.

Tiddall learns to improve

It continuously test on you and others like you to find the perfect sweet spot for important variables such as the level of carbs to have, the ratio balance of cardio to weight training in your workout strategies, the frequency of your training days, the time sequences of when you should be eating, when to stop eating, supplementation strategy just to name a few, to help fine tune all aspect of your weight loss or muscle building program, helping you achieve results faster and more efficiently.

Tiddall adapts to changes

As you your body changes, so is the ability of tiddall to adapt to your changes, implementing and optimising new strategies throughout your weight loss or muscle building journey autonomously. This all means, you achieve your best body quicker and in a more efficient way using tiddall than any other platform. And tiddall continue to learn, becoming more intelligent and precise every day.

Meal sequences

Tiddall will implement powerful meal plan strategies to help you reach your goal faster. Tiddall will also optimise your meals as your body change autonomously or if a meal plan strategy fails to yield results, ensuring your meal plan strategy is always at its best. Tiddall is always alert working to always improve your strategies for outstanding results.

Training strategy(ies)

Tiddall will implement and optimise (improve) powerful training strategies and training systems to help you reach you goal faster and more efficiently. Tiddall ensures the training strategies complement the meal plan strategy for effective results. Tiddall will continue to learn to improve your training strategies as you change.

How tiddall deals with Plateau

Tiddall is able to accurately predict and measure plateau, helping you dodge the bullet before it strikes. Because tiddall is always analysing everything from behind, it can see a plateau coming proactively implementing new strategies to help you escape it.

Holiday mode

Let tiddall help you get ready before your holiday in a pre-holiday mode or help you return to your best body after the holiday in a post-holiday mode. Because tiddall knows everything about you, it can implement and optimise powerful and unique strategies to get you to shed a lot more weight before and after your holiday with ease.

More about what Tiddall does

Tiddall works on your supplementations even as your body changes. Tiddall knows specific supplements that might aid you to your goal today, would not be the same tomorrow. Hence, as your body composition changes, so is Tiddall’s ability to alter or change specific supplementations to help you continue your progression efficiently.

What does this all mean?

This means no more guess work. Tiddall will help you win and attain your best body composition faster and more efficiently. Tiddall thinks, reasons, optimise, implement and make the hard decisions with precision so you don’t have to.

Tiddall has 3 platforms to which to choose from. Select to learn more about the platform which fit your goal.