From skinny to muscle

Increase muscle mass and size quickly and effectively with the most powerful strategy.

Training Strategies

When it comes to muscle development, every individual is different. Tiddall knows this also and would ensure a careful analysis of your data and begin to implement the most powerful training strategy to your goal. Tiddall knows that the initial implementation of the strategy wouldn’t be the same one that delivers the most optimum results. Tiddall will continue to optimise strategies daily, weekly or even monthly to continue to find the sweet spot for optimum results.
As your body compositionchanges, so is the ability of tiddall to change strategies to match. Tiddall is an artificial intelligence active constantlyperforming new experiments to gain more insight of how your body works and behaves. With these new found knowledge, comes great optimisation of your training plans for optimum results.

Precise Supplementation Strategies

As tiddall gains more insight and knowledge of how your body works and behaves, it is able to precisely measure and implement the right supplementation strategy to complement both the training and meal plan strategies at the right times. Tiddall knows when to optimise or change supplementation for optimum growth. Tiddall can either decrease or increase supplementation base on experimental data to enhance your progression of up to 20% more than on your own.
Tiddall can perform such actions especially when it detects a sign of plateau. It can apply some very complex calculations to detect any signs of possible plateau and implement the right supplementations together with meal plan and training strategy to avoid such cause or ensure you escape such event as soon as possible.

Strategy Changes As You Change

One powerful thing about tiddall, is its ability to change strategy completely as your body changes. Tiddall knows your body is not static and is constantly or will be constantly changing throughout the coming weeks and months. As you change so does strategy if tiddall believe it to speed up results.
It performs complex cognitive analysis to come to such decision. It doesn’t stop there, it continues to perform series of experimental tests on you to optimise that new strategy again. This process of implementation and optimisation of both old and new strategies would continue on until you have successfully reached your goal easily and efficiently.

Efficient And Powerful Meal Plan Strategies

One thing we have thought tiddall well is the ability to implement the most efficient and powerful meal plan strategies to your best body composition. Tiddall is gaining insight every single day from you and people identical to you to enable it to understand the macro nutrients required to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently.
This continuous learning allows tiddall to continue to improve and optimise your strategies for the best results. Tiddall’ ability to experiment means it will eventually find your best carbs, protein and fat ratio that is unique to just you, allowing for awesome progression and results.