Gluteus and Thighs Shaping

Sculpt, round, lift and shape your gluteus and thighs quickly and efficiently with powerful and intelligent strategies.

The right training strategy

To get to the best body composition, you must utilise the right training strategy. Tiddall has been thought manually to learn on its own all the training strategies possible, to be able to construct, sequence and implement the right training strategies to help you reach your goal based on your current body composition. Tiddall have a huge access to scientific research data on people like yourself to help it in deciding the most powerful strategy or a variant of a specific strategy for you to achieve a specific goal.
All this thinking and decision making is done by Tiddall. Tiddall can think like a human being and make complex decisions using data. It can reason with data and find the right solution to any given problem. This is called cognition. The ability for a computer to think like the way humans think without the emotions that comes with it.
All this means Tiddall will continue to optimise your strategies as your body composition changes. As you gain more lean muscle and lose body fat, Tiddall is aware of all these changes and continuously alters training strategy to keep progression optimum. All this is autonomous.

The right meal strategy

To sculpt, shape and tone the gluteus, thighs and the rest of the body with perfection, the right meal plan strategy is required. Tiddall apply cognitive analysis to your data and body composition to find people like you who have achieve their best body composition that had identical body composition as you. Along with science, complex calculations and research data, tiddall can on its own mastermind the construction, sequencing and implementation of your meal plan strategy to match that of your training strategy. From the timing of your meals, the calories of each serving, the portion size to the how much meals you can have based on when you woke up is all orchestrated by tiddall to optimise your journey to your best body composition.

Tiddall will intervene

Tiddall will react if it feels it is too late for you to eat before bed time or breakfast to optimise your journey of reaching your best composition. Since tiddall is monitoring your progression constantly in the background, it knows things you don’t know or is aware of. Hence it might make decisions that might frustrate you but it always does it with a reason not visible to the naked eye. You just must trust Tiddall in its decision making.


Getting to your best body composition is difficult when it comes to sculpting, shaping and dropping body fat to enhance your physique without a great supplementation strategy. Tiddall will construct and implement a supplementation strategy to help you reach your best body composition. Tiddall will change supplementation strategy as you change. The type of supplement utilised at your current body composition might be a different one as you progress and body composition alters. Tiddall is aware of all these changes and will alter supplementation strategy should it see fit based on a careful cognitive analysis of your changing body composition. The awesome thing is about this is, it is all autonomous. Awesome isn’t it. No more guess work.


You face a plateau when the current strategy been implemented reaches its peak. As you change, various aspects of your body composition such as your muscle mass and fat mass also changes. This in turn also directly affect the amount of carbohydrates and protein you need. failure to respond to these changes in a strategy change is will mean you remain in a plateaued phase without any further progression.
Tiddall can analyse the rate to which your body composition was changing and apply a very complex heuristic to that data to know when there is a rapid slow down or a plateau in your progression. Tiddall will know this quicker than you will and react accordingly to avoid the plateaued phase or keep it as short as possible to keep progression going. All this is again autonomous although tiddall do warn you in advance before it makes any drastic changes to your strategy.

Tiddall experiments with you

Although a strategy might be the best one for you, when it comes to sculpting and shaping, there could be variants of a specific strategy. For example, intermittent fasting has various variants. Tiddall will perform a series of tests on you with each variant to see the one that yield the best results. Tiddall will then optimise that very variant of that strategy for optimum results. Tiddall will notify you when all the experiments are done and indicates to you the best performing variant. However, Tiddall will not make the decision of reverting to that strategy if you don’t want it to.
Tiddall makes all strategy available to you for you to select the one you enjoyed the most during the variant testing. You would have the choice in this instance to either let Tiddall make its decision or you can say no to Tiddall’s decision and select the available experimental strategies Tiddall makes available to you.

Holiday Mode

Tiddall can apply some very complex computing to analyses the rate to which you are gaining muscle mass or losing fat over time. This data helps tiddall apply predictive computing to know how much fat gain or muscle loss may occur for any given holiday duration. This allows Tiddall to change strategy to a pre-holiday mode to tweak your training and meal plan strategy to compensate for any loss of muscle mass or fat gain that might occur. On your return, you or Tiddall with your permission can switch strategy to a post-holiday mode sequence to allow the body to lose or gain any extras that Tiddall failed to predict correctly before reverting you back to a more sustainable strategy you had prior to the holidays to keep progression going efficiently.

What does it all mean ?

This all mean Tiddall will help guide you with precision to your best body composition. Helping you sculpt, tone, slim and shape your gluteus and thighs with science and intelligence. Tiddall will continue to learn from you on how each strategy is performing to finally hit the nail on the head in constructing, structing and implementing overtime the most powerful meal plan and training strategies to your best body composition. Removing any human errors and emotions from the equation. The longer you spend on Tiddall the better Tiddall perfect your strategies. so, what are you waiting for, start your journey with Tiddall now.

*User must be at least 22% or below to join this platform for optimum results