The Ultimate Fat Loss

Lose weight and tone-up quickly and effectively with an artificial intelligence we call “stratofit”.

Deciding the right strategy for you

Tiddall takes all the data it can get about you to build an image of how you look. With this data in mind, tiddall begins to understand how best to implement your strategies. It knows it might not get it absolutely spot on the very first time although it usually does, it will continue to optimise the strategies as its gets more results and begins to learn and know more about how you are performing. This is where tiddall begins to experiment as new sets of data arrives each week.
It begins to think and reason with all the data to build a more complete canvas of you overtime. This all means tiddall overtime will optimise both your meal plan and training strategies so it is incredibly powerful. Tiddall will eventually deliver the results you desire helping you reach your goal quickly and efficiently. However intelligence tiddall is, it still requires discipline from you to do all the things it implements for you, so it can learn and improve your strategies faster for effective and optimum result…

Meal Sequencing and implementation

When it comes to weight loss, your meal plan strategy is paramount. The wrong one could stall and stop progression. Your meal plan strategy is the gateway to ultimate fat loss and tiddall knows that. This is why tiddall has been thought to perfect this skill overtime.
Tiddall is able to implement and optimise meal plan strategies that not only yields results but also complement your training strategy. Because tiddall knows the theory behind each strategy it implements for you, it is also able to reason with data and make complex decisions that will improve your meal plans if they are not yielding the desired results over time.
This is all done autonomously by tiddall without your input. It performs experiments on you and many like you to get insight into how best to improve your strategies overtime. Tiddall thinks, reasons and learns from your data overtime to optimise all aspects of your meal plan strategies for optimum results.

Implementing training strategy

Tiddall has learnt from thousands of people like you along with the various training strategies required to get you to lose weight fast and efficiently. Tiddall will implement the most powerful training strategies to help you lose body fat with efficiency.
Tiddall will learn how well you perform and optimise or change the strategy where necessary autonomously. Tiddall is constantly tweaking your training plan for optimum results. As your body composition changes, so does Tiddall’s ability to alter, change and optimise strategies to ensure continuous progression

Overcoming the plateaued phase

One reason many fail to reach their best body composition is when they hit a plateau. This is the point where the body stalls and fails to change further. This phase is responsible to many getting demotivated and eventually giving up hope for further progression. Blaming it all on genetics and other false reasons. Tiddall with is machine learning ability constantly learning from the rate to which you are losing body fat to build a trend on how fast or slow this is happing at.
Due to this intelligence, tiddall can work out when you are approaching a plateaued phase and pull the right levers to avoid it or quickly escape from it. Tiddall have so much data on you it can think and make complex decisions to your data and design a solution that will help you overcome the various plateaued phases that might come your way, ensuring progression is steady and continuous.

Pre-post-Holiday mode

We’ve all experienced weight gain or some sort of weight gain when we return from a holiday. We over indulge during our time away and return with a change in body composition. Tiddall intelligently learns from your data and knows with precision the rate of your progression trend. It can then apply predictive computing to calculate how much fat you could potentially gain during your holiday or time off.
In a Preholiday mode, you tell Tiddall how long you wish to be away and it will do the rest. It will handle all the complex computing and decision making and construct a strategy to help you compensate for any fat gains that might occur. Tiddall will ensure the strategy is vigorous to prepare you for those days off. This is ensuring you lose a little more fat before your holiday. Hence, any extra gain in fat within your fat tissues would balance out.


On your return, you cannot just jump back to the strategy you were on prior to your holiday. You must have a totally different strategy to stabilise any fat storing process before gradually returning to the original strategy prior to your holiday. Tiddall is intelligently aware of all these scenarios and will think and make complex decisions to construct at each stage the right strategy to keep progression going or to return the body to a composition prior to your holiday as quickly as it can.